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Who am I ?

My name is Émilie and I am the creator of this shop.

My experiences 

Originally from France, I have lived in Canada for 4 years. I am studying teaching in academic and social adaptation at the University of Rimouski Lévis campus.

In France, I studied clinical psychology and gerontology. I also have a diploma in sophrology and somatotherapy.

Spending a year in Chicoutimi, I ended up in Quebec City where I teach adaptive and French. I also teach students online and in tutoring.


Yes, my schedule is really busy. However, I really like it. I like feeling useful and doing something for our young people


who are our future. Indeed, I started working with young people when I was 18 years old. Thanks to my humor, I create beautiful links with them.


In addition to all my jobs, I created my store of teaching materials. It's really a passion and I could create all day long.



The Sacred Character  


At first glance, I may seem very wild ah ah. However, if you dig deeper, you meet my true self. I am a very honest person and with


a lot of heart. I'm also a very generous person and I like being there for people. I think I need to feel like I'm doing something


something good, something to change things. I hope to make a difference.



My little hobbies 


When I'm not teaching, I create teaching materials. Otherwise, I prepare my tutoring or my online courses. Although I spend a lot of time on


teaching, I also take time for myself and go out in kind. I'm also starting to write children's books :)   

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